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Welcome to Moshpa's Official site

MOSHPA was registered on 31st of May 1997 under the Registrar of Societies.


    We strive to be the leading Non Governmental Organisation on Occupational safety and Health in Malaysia.

    To guide safety practitioners and to achieve best practice in Occupational Safety and Health.

    • To benefit the interested welfare of its members.
    • To exchange knowledge, information and practices on occupational safety and health among its members.
    • To foster safety and health culture to Malaysian work force.
    • To create awareness on safety and health practices among the Malaysian public.
    • To maintain high professionalism and work ethics among its members.
    • To increase and expand work skills among its members.
    • To have cooperation and relationships with other registered NGO's with the common aim.
    • To work closely with department of occupational safety and health and with other Government agencies.

Moshpa Avenues

  • Membership Service
  • Consulting Service
  • Training Service
  • OSH Audit Services
  • Vocational Service
  • Government Relations
  • SME Service
  • International Relations
  • Health Education
  • MOSHPA Publication


Reminder to all Member

OSH Seminar CONFIRM CEP 15 POINTS. To join please mail to us your detail.

Dear Members,

Please be inform that renewal of membership for the year 2014 are open now.Please download membership form and mail or fax to us. Attached together your payment slip and indicate your name and ic number. For new membership application please mail or fax us your form.